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Oct 29, 2012

Alright, Kevheads it's Monday, and time for the Kevin Matthews Monday Express. Guess who's got to sell a kidney to pay off gambling losses from this weekend? And now that we know The Detroit Tigers suck, it's time to pose the question: is Joe Buck a tool?

Oct 27, 2012

Kevheads: Welcome to the weekend. If you could eat a Food Network host, who would you eat? Jim Shorts is hosting Halloween, ring the doorbell, kids, and hear what happens. Who is in Darnell’s producer’s booth? A 71 year old female Kevhead wants to sex

Oct 22, 2012

Kevheads: Start your week here with the Kevin Matthews Monday Express Podcast, and all the latest happenings from the Broken Mary Studio. Today, Kevin fears he will die during knee replacement surgery, and wonders if Jim Shorts will take over the Video

Oct 20, 2012

Today’s Kevin Matthews show is full of drama. Many questions beg answering. Will Jim Shorts survive the weekend? Who is today’s mystery guest from Hollywood? And what kind of listener feedback are Kev and the gang receiving? So, Kevheads, be a

Oct 16, 2012

Happy Monday, Kevheads, and welcome to the Kevin Matthews Monday Express. Today, we gently remind you to cast your votes for the whole Steve Dahl Podcast Network for this year's Podcast Awards. Also, we have the pleasure of listening to Jim's recent at