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Sep 28, 2013

Kevheads: Its Friday and fall is hear, details on The Wurst Festival Ever hosted by Kevin Matthews. Jim Shorts is still shell shocked and has his Sunday picks for the NFL, Devon is in studio, Kevin talks to an old college friend, Mr. Entertainment Joe is

Sep 24, 2013

Kevheads: It's a Monday and Jim Shorts may be leaving the program, is Jim cursed, hear what he has to say and what is his future here on planet Earth? Did Kevin Matthews fall off the wagon this weekend? Your phone calls at 312-380-9784. Darrnell is this

Sep 21, 2013

Kevheads: The weekend baby! Jim Shorts is betting YOU that all of his NFL picks will be right this week, place your bets Kevheads. Darrnell our Producer has done something to his body? A very special guest is in studio with Kevin. Movie reviews your calls

Sep 17, 2013

Kevheads: It's Monday and someone on the staff, a family member is not doing that well and the topic today is death. Jim Shorts has big news regarding week 3 of the NFL, your phone calls at 312-380-9784. Your Monday continues Kevheads, have a great week,

Sep 14, 2013

Lucky for you, it's another great Friday show with Kevin Matthews, Jim Shorts and Darnell (who can't seem to get a straight answer out of Kevin regarding some Ping golf clubs). Friend of the show Joe Kavendra joins Kev for some radio talk, and Jim gives